Does Ty Evans believe that the earth is flat? How much slow mo is too much slow mo? Is there anything that Cody Lockwood can't do on a skateboard at Burnside? All questions which will possibly be answered in the upcoming full length from Ty 'The Flat Earth', which follows on from 'We Are Blood' and, judging by this trailer, promises to be just as high tech.

Just like Shaquille O'Neal's drive across the States looking in vain for a curve, maybe the same thing happened with Ty, Jamie Foy, Chase Webb, Carlos Iqui, Mike Pulizzi and Cody Lockwood during a cross country skate? Either way, with Ty involved then you can expect the highest of definition shredding from some of the best dudes on four wheels at the moment, filmed on a RED Camera across a wide array of terrain and unlikely to bear much similarities to The Our Life Video, Death Squad the Movie or Snakeskin Jacket. If for nothing else, I already want to see this one just for Lockwood's frontside nosegrind on the big kinked fucker at Kona!

Directed by Ty Evans.

Produced by Ghost Digital Cinema.

Available on iTunes December 2017.