New from Hold Tight London - ARCHIGLYPHICS Vol 1

London stalwart and one of the men behind the classic Hold Tight London series, Henry Edwards-Wood has just dropped a new 12 minute clip musing on the mechanics and internal language of skateboarding and its connected vehicle, the skate video. As always with Henry, there's a lot going on here so it makes sense to allow him to explain the kernel of the idea himself.

"This is a sneak peak at a new interactive online educational show designed to use skateboarding as a vehicle to teach science mathematics, philosophy and everything else. This pilot episode introduces an in-development technical glyph notation system for transcribing skateboard tricks for the purposes of skate film archiving, games, geometry lessons, meditation aids, and an unspoken universal communication between those that know how things roll and the difference between switch & nollie."

Featuring skateboarding from Henry Edwards-Wood's extensive archives along with original insight into the discipline of skateboard film making, this is definitely an interesting watch.

To enroll on Henry's online program hit up @ARCHIGRAM.CTU on Instagram.

Online and group course starting - November 5th.

Full video series 'Archiglyphics 101' drops early 2018

ARCHIGLYPHICS Vol 1 - "a primer / pilot, patent" from HOLD TIGHT LONDON on Vimeo.