The Fucking Awesome World Entertainment tactic of dropping top notch footage with little to no hype around it continued this weekend, with the drop of a new Andrew Allen part for Hockey containing the expected amount of double-A crust bank annihilation and kamikaze switch hill bombing. Any Allen footage is gold and this is no exhibition, offering up fans a two minute blast of style and ambidextrous (pedidextrous?) skating on spots that are most likely way grimmer than they look, whilst looking quite grim in the first place.

Some sponsorship changes come out of nowhere and the company/skater seem to jar from the start, but when Andrew Allen quit Anti Hero to ride for Hockey it seemed as if he was finally where he belonged - a feeling born out by his fairly prodigious (by his standards) footage output in the aftermath. This clearly isn't slowing down and we're hyped to see what he has up his sleeve over the summer - and to see if the Fucking Awesome and Hockey crews get together a full length video, which would be the stuff dreams are made of...

Andrew Allen hasn't been much in the skate media's eye with regards to answering questions since around the time Propeller dropped back in 2015 and, even when he has been, has always been notable for the brevity of his answers. However we can highly recommend heading over to his interview from that period over at Solo Skate Mag, which you can do so via the text below;

"That’s the best thing about skating. There’s no rules and you can choose to do whatever you want to do, so however you’re feeling you can just go ahead and do that."