Rajon TV's new series 'National Skategraphics' kicks off with a focus piece on the Barix wasteland spot which lies in Riga, Latvia. With ripping from plenty of locals backed by a Cassette Boy style mash up which is incredibly well put together. We're stoked to see more of these!

Featuring Niklavs Vetra, Arturs Nesaule, Fricis Strauss, Martins Neimanis, Edvard Gaba, Miks Grantins, Niks Kolosovskis, Rudolfs Rorbahs, Kaspars Gobnins, Ritvars Blumfelds, Tomass Daugavieties, Armands Baumanis, Mikus Dombrovskis, Ugis Albins, Andis Ivanans and Linards Viksnins.