In honour of International Women's Day, we thought we'd remind you of the time that the females took to NASS Festival 2010 and shocked everyone with their annual Girls Skate Jam.

It was late Saturday evening when the street course was cleared and the girls from all over the UK, Europe and South America, took over the familiar surroundings of the Bath and West Showground's cowshed. The male qualifiers had taken place earlier that day and most present were now slightly innebriated (at best), with a large selection of the UK skate scene on hand and ready to cheer the girls on. Despite the late start to the jam, the atmosphere on the street course was electric and what unfolded was easily the highlight of the whole festival that year, as far as the skate side of things went.

A then reletively unknown Leticia Bufoni charged her way around the course like a woman possessed, taking to the rail, stairs and kickers with ease, unleashing a whole manner of extremely casual skateboarding as she went (note the bump to rail kickflip at 1:25). A similarly charged up Evelien Bouilliart wasn't far behind her, ending the comp by hammering herself into the floor whilst trying to front blunt the main rail, and the UK girls in attendance - namely Helena Long, Lucy Adams, Charlotte, Dani Gallagher, Emma Richardson and Claire Jones - more than held their own.

Remind yourself of the archival carnage now!