Here's a few snapshots that I found living on my camera phone after this years NASS weekend.

Check 'part 1' for the actual skating footage...

2MD LS27 album photo shoot? Or fist night at NASS?

Old Shitknees himself, straight to NASS from knee surgery.

James Kilpatrick came third in the game of SKATE. The dude who won gave him £20 and a swig of his special 'NASS brew' though.

Feeling it.

Tent Village part 1. Spot Groves 'spare room'.

Tent Village part 2 with added passed out John Bell.

Tez loves rollies

Rumour has is that this is Manheads Volcom signature tee.

Everyone loves Awadh, so here's a picture of him! Rejoice!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Manhead. Or Teenage Manhead Ninja Tingley?