"On the way to Klamath we hit up the stoners capital of the USA, Weed in Nor Cal. The park was pretty quirky and fun and even at 8pm it was over 90 degrees, Klamath falls got even hotter - 108 degrees to be precise! we still skated and some crazy shit got put down, footage and seq's are in the bag! Unfortunately Rivers inn pool was full of water and unskateable, but we made up for it by hitting up the Rodeo! we even met some real life cowboys at the pub.

Watching Cowboys dancing to R&B is a real sight to behold....

Check the footage and the shot of Carl and the Man Mountain that is Tom. Plus a few more shots from the road, and its still getting hotter!!

More in a couple of days we are headed for the Redwoods and to Jump Brookings bowl!" Munson

Angry Ben, doing what he does best - looking angry! I feel scared just looking at this pic, look how angry he is! Fuming!

Raemers looking harmless. Watch what habits you flaunt in public, mate - Class B these days.

Party Potter comes out to play. Where's David Martelleur at?

So the yanks have nicked our summer then, eh? The swines.

Churchill in a fields of weeds in a place called Weed. Churchill doesn't smoke weed, so it's quite an amusing photo really, isn't it?

"One day, son, all this will be half empty jazzy modern living apartment blocks..."

London Bridge.

Wildlife, innit?

I take it that is 'the man mountain' Tom and his missus with Potter.

A finally, bit of rodeo themed footage for you...