If you head over to mpora.com today you won't be able to avoid the fact the entire site looks somewhat different. For the past few months, the technical lunatics behind the original Mpora site have been hard at work on this second release, creating new features, making it more pleasing to the eye and generally improving on the existing design.

Two brand new features are available from today as part of this release, in the form of Mpora Photo and Mpora Local. To start with, the photo application works in a similar way to that of other photo hosting applications, though, as with the video player, the advantage is obviously that your skate photos won't get lost in a sea of arty shots of chimneys and fields. Mpora Photo is strictly for shots of skating, BMXing, snowboarding etc, and you can embed your pictures on other websites, social networking sites and forums as you wish.

More excitingly, Mpora Local is an interactive map which allows users to locate skateparks, ski resorts, surf spots and the rest, embed videos on that specific spots page and add information. Users can also recommend a park or spot to be added to the map, then, once approved, you can start building up that park or spots page with footage, photos and information. Once filled up, Mpora Local has the potential to become a great resource but relies on users supplying the info, so get involved! There's also an option to locate and share private spots that only you and your friends can see, hereby avoiding your local hotspot from becoming an overnight bust.

That's enough reading for you all anyway, click the logo below to get involved with Mpora 2.0 now.