Following on from the few sections which have hit the web so far, Blackpool's ATB Collective have uploaded their full length skate scene video 'Mouth of the Ribble' to the web in its entirety. Put the kettle on and sit back for nearly an hour of coverage of mad heads hitting spots across the North West, with a heavy emphasis on the lesser-seen spots of Blackpool and surrounding areas.

Featuring (deep breath) Adam Ahmed, Adam Kay, Andrew Heppell, Danny Broadbent, Danny Moore, Ed Hesketh, Gerald Buckfield, Henry Calvert, Jack Collins, Jack Simmonds, James Haran, Jamie Norcliffe, Jay Lawton, Joey Packman, Jonny Robertson, Jordan Cuttle, Josh Sanderson, Josh Stanton, Kris Orrell, Leigh Devine, Lewis Farley, Liam Edgerton, Liam Noon, Lloyd Mcleggon, Max Oldrid, Owen Askey, Robert Pilcher, Robert Sanderson, Sam Pendlebury, Will Davis and Yousef Souaidi.

Filmed and edited by Jake Powell.