Part 3 of Leo's blog from the ongoing Motive trip to Belgium can be found underneath this very text, with more from Barney, Leo Smith, Layth, Sean, Snaddon, Selley, Jack Edwards and Ciaran.

Part 4 due this time tomorrow...

Ciaran and Barney's conflicting opinions.

Get thy sweep on.

As seen on the cover of Sidewalk 58 (May 2002) with Paul Silvester floating a switch backside 180 down the set. Anyway, go on Barney, pose it!

Leo susses his angle.

Someone's stoked.

Yam dat!

Big Bloody Bank.

Brilliant Bloody Benches.

Right up Layths street, innit.

Pretty self explanatory.

No way - it's that infamous Belgium lass with the mouse growing out of her shoulder!