In all the consumerist furore in the run up to Christmas it is easy to forget the season's true meaning; a celebration of the lives of people called Chris. In keeping with this spirit, and leading on from last week's Chris 'Avi' Atherton Footage Feast (the reason he isn't on this list), it seemed only right to compile ten of our favourite skateboarders who bear the festive moniker.

From Jones to Senn, Hosoi to Haslam, its good to know that they have our backs on Christmas eve. Cheers guys.

Kris Markovich is a Kris, just like Kris Kringle. But Kris and Kris have a lesser known connection which runs deeper; for Markovich's pubic hair turned grey by the age of 21, and are now pure white! To commemorate such a strange quirk of nature, he had the jovial present-giver's face tattooed straight onto his genitalia.

All Chris Jones wants for Christmas is a crusty South London bank spot!

Street wizard Chris Pulman has a knack for the unconventional shredding path and one of the best no complies in the game - rumour has it that he can throw a frontside one over a stationary reindeer.

Like Pulman, Pastras is another board company owner - perhaps the festive spirit has imbued most skateboarding Chris' with some kind of magical business touch? In which case, the other's should try their hand before it wears off! Chris Pastras' understated ATV ripping is always good to watch.

Hosoi is kind of a big deal in the Chris game - a layback is for life, not just for Christmas!!!

Chris Joslin has clearly harnessed the power of Christmas, using the yuletide spirit to safely guide him down gnarly stairs and handrails with ease.

There might not be many people asking Santa for a peaked beanie this year, but a combination of high speed and high pop is probably part of many a wishlist.

Years ago, at an Austrian crossroads, Pfanner made a pact with the devil to have his legs swapped for a reindeer's. He was soon chucking himself at every conceivable oversized obstacle, earning himself a place on Anti Hero through sheer festive gnarliness.

No-one should be left out at Christmas, so here's a Fiss-tive treat for all you freestyle aficionados! And of course, if you like whistles and you like Fissels then you should undoubtedly click on this text...

Before coming to skateboarding prominence, Chris Haslam made ends meet working around Christmas time as a Santa Claus in the Poundworld in Skegness. After dying his beard his hair was passable, but he was caught out due to his lack of paunch and chased out of the seaside town for good.

Christmas is the time when no-one judges you from starting in on alcohol from breakfast onwards, so not including a Chris with a beer as a last name in this post would be completely blowing it.

Senn is one of those skaters who can be described as underrated, even with an SOTY title under his belt. That's because he can bomb hills faster than Santa can drag his swollen sack across a continent on Christmas eve; check the footage above to watch him taking his shred sleigh via the gnarliest routes possible!