Mark Radman 'Danger x Flavour' UK skate video Part 3 of 5

Those of you still prepared to invest the staggering amount of money required (all £6 of it) to support independent UK skate videos may well probably have seen Mark 'Radman' Radden's latest piece; hell, you might even have put a DVD into an archaic media system and watched it on, (gasp) a TV.

If you're not au fait with physical media, or the idea of not staring lovingly into your phone's screen feels you with abject horror, don't worry (well actually 'do worry but that's a wider issue) as Radman has seen fit to upload Danger x Flavour to YouTube for a limited time, starting with this piece you can see below.

Filmed on skateboarding's most beloved Victorian technology and featuring the likes of Nick Remon, Toby Gozzett, Jordan Thackeray, Charlie Munro and many more, this is a labour-of-love production filled with rad skating from spots dotted across the south of England.

Part 3 features Harry Wilson, Sam Hayter, Sam Taylor and Harry Hughes, plus a smattering of Essex and London related heads. We'll be posting a new section from Danger x Flavour each week so, if this one gets you hyped and feel like supporting Radman, you should probably head over to, drop a few nuggets and actually buy the DVD so you don't have to wait.

Mark Radman 'Danger x Flavour' UK skate video Part 2 of 5 Mark Radman 'Danger x Flavour' UK skate video Part 1 of 5 Mark Radden Photo Rich West

Dagenham Daggers - back noseblunt. Photo: Rich West

If you fancy seeing more of any of the dudes involved in this one, here are a few ideas.

To see what else current reigning UK Champion Nick Remon has been up to since disappearing from the skate media limelight, check out his recent Off Radar interview to hear about boying off 'being sponsored' and doing it for fun whilst holding down a full-time job. Once you've done that, go have a look at the clip from our recent Point of Interest Italy trip to see just how well Nick still skates when he's got a week off.

If you fancy a bit more from Toby Gozzett and film maker Radman himself, why not go confuse your eyes with a revisit of a recent day trip to skate the weirdest skatepark in the UK featuring both of them, plus an Olympic standard squad of idiots along for the ride.

Mark Radden skates for Death Skateboards - big up Zorlak.