Mark Nicolson's internet onslaught of unearthed gems from over the last 25 years of UK skateboarding continues with a visit to the Radlands British Skate Champs in 1995 - otherwise known as the 'Tom Penny green polo shirt year'. Alongside Penny this has some of the biggest names in mid 90s skateboarding so offers up plenty of four wheeled insanity. Mark has also added a few photos (including the featured image on this page) and a quick written recap of the day over on his blog 'Skidding the Rim'.

Featuring - Gershon Mosley, Simon Woodstock, Steve Olson, Willy Santos, Moses Itkonen, Carl Shipman, Tom Knox, Marc Johnson, Jaya Bonderov, Tim Brauch, Mike Santarossa, Eric Koston, Rick Howard, Clyde Singleton, Chris Pastras, Lance Mountain, Ed Templeton, Jamie Thomas, Ray Barbee and Tom Penny.