1996 saw two major competitions happening at Pioneer Skatepark, with Mark Nicolson on hand to capture both of them. This March Pioneer Skate Comp was apparently the lesser remembered one after the better known October round, which you can find out more about via Nicolson's words below the video...

Featuring Dave Allen, Dan Cates, Joe Habgood, Luke McKirdy, Matt Pritchard, Paul Shier, Ben Alnut, John Hayward, Dave Chesson, Graham Baker, Seb Alcock, Phil Bush, Garry Milne and more.

"Right, so I found this footage and now realise there were 2 comps at the pioneer in 1996.

The one we have all seen when John Hayward went bananas and blew the roof off, which was from October 1996. And this here is the rare Pioneer March 1996 comp, the year of the weird tiny transitioned driveway obstacle that no one but Cates could skate, Joel O'Conner trying to nollie off the wallride door gap to flat, no sign of Rodney (in America/euro comp circuit perhaps?) and the year Luke McKirdy did the smith revert!"