Mark Gonzales says 'Go watch the Palace video'

This one just popped up in our YouTube subscription alerts so we figured it was worth sharing.

For those who don't already know this, Mark Gonzales has a very active YouTube channel and regularly posts skate footage, vlogs, and all manner of re-edits of existing footage and, with it being The Gonz, they're generally interesting, amusing and odd in equal measure.

A couple of new ones popped up yesterday, first a to-camera vlog piece about the NYC Palace premiere and the recent Epicly Later'd on Harmony Korine and then shortly after that, a homage/parody clip called 'Backlip Alien Junk Shop' presumably in reference to him saying "I've got to go watch Memory Screen, I've never seen it" in the earlier video.

Anyway, there's nothing much more to say really - have a look, see what you think and then follow his YouTube channel for more if you feel like it.