Marc Johnson FULL interview from Lucas Beaufort's 'Devoted' doc

If you haven't already watched Lucas Beaufort's excellent Devoted documentary then the first thing you ought to do is check that out in full first, then prepare yourselves for an extended dose of MJ chat courtesy of this clip released by Lucas today.

As always, Marc Johnson has plenty to say and goes into the various intrinsic differences between physical and online content and the ramifications of the Internet opening Pandora's Box.

Additionally, aside from the argument for physical media, Marc Johnson also breaks down the backroom machinations that dictate what does and doesn't go into the remaining physical magazines from his own perspective.

The fact that you're listening to this ode to physical skate media on a computer or a phone is somewhat telling I suppose but in 2017 this one's still a salient topic.

As you'd expect given the topic and the interviewee, there's a fair amount of conflicting opinions here, (I'm pretty sure Jenkem has adverts for example), but either way, an interesting chat with one of skateboarding's most loquacious.

Marc Johnson full ITW from The LB Project on Vimeo.