Luke Fletcher in Ollie Birch's 'Beef Stew'

Fans of true Mersey Grit and Scouse rawness rejoice, long term Lost Art affiliate Luke Fletcher's section in Oliver Birch's Liverpool scene video 'Beef Stew' is now on the web. After a badly timed technology malfunction halfway through filming, Ollie powered through and came out with a proper scene production featuring some of our favourite Liverpudlians and Wools. It also features plenty of traditionally rough-as-shit North West terrain from New Bird to the Dock Road banks getting a seeing too, with welcome footage from Charlie Birch, Andy 'Evz' Evans, Will Kynaston, Rauiri Jones and various others.

Luke's section doesn't disappoint and various cameos ably back up Luke's assault on crumbling architecture, painting a picture of Liverpool skateboarding through a couple of different generations with Dave Mackey ("Every time I skateboard I take a slam, people like it apparently"), John Dalton, Jimmy Boyes, Ash Wilson, Tom Tanner and Russ WeasHELL Longmire (who's Mersey Grit project is something we're very much enjoying right now).

Check out our interview with Ollie (backed up with Andy 'Evz' Evans and Will Kynaston's shared section) for more info on the project, then hit him up on @askjeeves117 on Insta or to get hold of a lovely physical DVD which you can shove into your Gran's DVD player this Christmas. You should also find yourself at The Useless Wooden Toy Society on the 25th of this month for the Lost Art holiday drop, featuring music, pizza and most likely boozed up skateboarding.