Low Profile presents 'Dos.Virus', a skate video filmed in Paris, Liverpool, Montreal and New York City. Featuring Liverpool rippers Greg Herbert, Charlie Birch and Rauiri Jones as well as Manchester's Tyrone O'Hanrahan, with international shredding duties getting handled by Graham Thoms, Jake Laffoley, Vasilis Kalamaridis, Gervais T-k Goprou, John Bdr, Isidro Camacho, Valérian Nicolas, Paul Hill, Guillaume Zwaan and Arnaud Verdier, this is a killer paean to the pleasure of travelling with the purpose of skateboarding and should have you itching to hit the road.

The video is black and white in its entirety, moody synth noises lie underneath the diagetic skate sounds and an overall theme of 'catastrophic technological meltdown computer virus' becomes apparent before too much skating has occurred. In other words there is a definite debt owed to Octagon here (the more recent brand rather than the OG, Blueprint affiliated wheel company), but also plenty more going on due in no small part to the plethora of locations which appear on screen.

The four cities in Dos.Virus all have their own particular aesthetic charm when it comes to skate spots and that definitely shines through over the course of the edit, which manages to eschew obvious spot choices (with the exception of Paris' banging plaza La Republique) and feature some hidden city gems. Have a watch, then make sure to check out Jake's previous video 'Fever' which was filmed in Liverpool, Paris and Barcelona.

Edited by Jake Laffoley

Animations by Lionell Guzman.

"LOW PROFILE Presents DOS.VIRUS a skateboard video filmed in Paris, Montréal & Liverpool with appearances from Graham Thoms, Jake Laffoley, Gregory Herbert, Vasilis Kalamaridis, Gervais T-k Goprou, John Bdr, Isidro Camacho, Tyrone O'Hara, Valérian Nicolas, Charlie Birch, Paul Hill, Rauri Jones, Guillaume Zwaan, & Arnaud Verdier."