Friend of the mag Rich Armitage (@richibobs on Instagram) has just sent through these jaw dropping photos of an lost Malaysian skatepark in the forests of Shah Alam. Stumbling across an overgrown skatepark in the midst of a forest trek in Selangor must be a surreal experience but luckily Rich had his camera to hand, coming back with evidence that it wasn't just a hallucination caused by four wheeled withdrawal.

Peep some video footage of it being skated by Malaysian ripper Arina Rahman here.

"I randomly came across this in the middle of a forest on a trip to Malaysia back in September, I couldn't believe it, there was a vert ramp with a roll in, a smaller ramp and a bowl behind."

Seemingly not much distance lies between the area it was found in and Shah Alam's still-used concrete park, so a patching up trip is ripe for the taking...

*Since this post, Amirul Syakirin Zaidun offered up a further glimpse in this short film about DC Malaysia’s Arina Rahman which he posted up in our Facebook comments section;