Lord of the Swords

14 teams, one weekend in Essex, rad skating and mellow vibes - Lord of the Swords 2015 has been and gone, and 12 of the 14 edits are now live for your enjoyment. Click through for the likes of Jordan Thackeray, Nick Remon, Mikey Joyce, Mark Radden, Taylor Jones and many more charging all the concrete they can in a 48 hour span, then hit the photo of Radman below to go and vote on your favourite!

Photo courtesy of Paul Jackson

Mark Radden - BS Lip Slide - Delside 900

Riddim selection by Mikey Joyce

Filmed by Harry Wilson

Edited by Jack Kenward

Team: Mikey Joyce, Mark Radden, Toby Gozzett, Elliott Simmons, Jordan Thackeray, Dave Meacock, Jack Kenward, Lewis Hall (injured) Paul Jackson and Harry Wilson (filming).

Edited by Laurynas Vaitkevicius

Team: Sam (set roy) Neil, George Levine, Georgie Elms, Dan (dodo) Dolan and Laurynas (larry) Vaitkevicius.

Edited by Samuel Hennessy

Team: Martin Payne, Carl Stevenson, Tom Youell, Philippe da Rosa, Ben King, Reece Smoker, Jason Goodwin, Dave Maddocks, Reece Moore, Reece Warrick, Chris Chambers, James Liddy, Alex Healey, Lewis Fitzpatrick, George Reilly, Taylor Jones, Ben Beer and Reece Warrick.

Filmed and edited by Eddy B.

Team: Ali Cox, Nico Kaczmarek, Nick Remon, Mike Stimson, Rhys Westlake, Keegan Grace and substitute skater Keeaun Jones.

Filmed and edited by Daniel Monnoyer

Team: KieranLee, MattGreen, ChrisWhite and BrianStock.

Team: Sam Costigan, Elliot Wright, Richard Anderson, Adam Wright, Charlie Nimmo, Toby Pryke and Kaston Wakeling.

Brentwood locals

Colchester locals.

We're just here for the beer and bitches...

Filmed by Sam Leach and Owen Goodwin

Edited by Jason Goode

Team: Thomas Flanagan, Zach Yates, Callum Law, Regan Bourne, Jason Goode,

Sam Leach, Zak Lucas and Owen Goodwin.

BC's Finest

Filmed and edited by Simon Denny

Team: Elliot Ward, Tim Parsons, Simon Denny, Marc S.A. Carter and Gaby Dos Santos.