Episode 4 of Southbank Minute hit the web today, this time with long term London scene documenter Winstan Whitter curating 60 seconds of dopeness captured by his lens during various eras of SB's existence. Tom Penny and a number of locals feature, and we highly recommend getting stuck into more classic London scene business in Winstan's incredible documentary 'Rollin' Through the Decades'.

"Skating with Jeremy Henderson and Jeff Pang on a late Saturday night sometime in the early 90s has got to be my favourite Southbank moment.

Southbank means home. The beginnings of lifetime bonds with new people from all over the world while I was still at secondary school.

Clive Dayley was one of my favourite skaters to film. Nollie krooked grinds and backside 180 to fakie 5 0 grind 180 shove it out.

My hope for the future of Southbank is to see it fully opened up, back to its original state like I began skating there in the late 80s. Some more extra additional and complementary skateable ledges and banks, and for it to remain as a free space for youth expression in perpetuity.

There’s plenty more Southbank and London skating in my film ‘Rollin' Through The Decades’."