Episode three of Southbank Minute takes place after dark, with Harry Turner's 'staywoke' seeing Lizo Yako, Cameron Gooden, Rocco, Lukas Kacevicius, Domas Glatkauskas and Terrell King making the most of The Undercroft's lights.

Harry: "The first time I went to Southbank, watching Cameron Gooden "Twiggy" skate. Pure effortless speed and style, he makes everything look good.

Southbank is the first stop on my way home. You expect people you know are going to be there. No two days are the same at Southbank, the space is progressive and stimulating. For skateboarding in Central London it's really the spot.

I'm always hyped to film with someone that wouldn't usually skate for a camera. Terrell's switch wallie - fakie manual would have to be my new favourite.

Recently it's been super busy, lots of skaters/bmx. More space for people to roll on would be a blessing".