The latest Southbank Minute episode sees former R.A.D. Magazine editor Tim Leighton-Boyce come through with 60 seconds of early 90s ripping from a pint-sized Geoff Rowley amongst others, dusted off from the vaults and edited by Winstan Whitter. The ender is a treat!

“My favourite Southbank moment was the Powell tour in 1988: Dobie borrowing my camera for a moment and getting the best shot of the day. Typical!

Southbank means a lot to me. I used to hang around there taking pictures before skateboarding. Then in around 1975 or 76 I took my first skate pictures there of friends, although I really learnt to take skate pictures a bit later at Harrow and Rolling Thunder.

Going to South Bank was the best way of keeping in touch with skaters during the dark ages. I can't remember which was the main night when most people would be there. But in the days before mobile phones it served as a communication hub as well as a skate spot. It was the heart of London skating.

I want the tradition of Southbank to survive unbroken. Evolution is fine - all the concrete additions came after my time - but I hope some of the original features survive. So many have already gone. I am amazed by what LLSB have achieved. I do not believe it would have happened 20 years ago. I don't intend this as criticism of the people involved back then - many things were different then. I'm just acknowledging my admiration for what the current generation have done". - TLB