The latest Southbank Minute ‘Brian Sheggington’ from Lizo Yako sees him pointing his lens at various Undercroft denizens making the most of its Brutalist confines.

Featuring Jake, Jeremy Jones, Blondey McCoy, David Yap, Jake Snelling, Seb Tabe and Kyron Davis.

“Southbank means open space and freedom. It’s a place where you can express yourself without trying to express yourself. Skateboarding is a physical activity but at the same time there’s an art to it that no one apart from people who skate can understand.

One of my favourite Southbank moments was when I filmed Taylor Lewis do a whole line switch; sw 5050 on the small ledge, sw flip, sw heel, then sw 5050 the drop ledge. At that point I had never seen anyone skate the drop ledge switch, let alone on camera.

I hope for the future Southbank to be more progressive in terms of infrastructure but without taking out the historic parts."