Leo Romero on The Bunt Live

It's Wednesday so that means only one thing (well a few things), namely that the latest episode of The Bunt Live is up. This time around Cephas and Donovan have Leo Romero on The Bunt Live and discuss everything from his mum finding his first skateboard at the side of the freeway, through to dealing with broken ankles as he reaches a ripe old age.

One-time SOTY Leo Romero is kind of known for not being too forth-coming in interviews but he comes through here with lots of insight into his past, filming the insane handrail skating that he's known for, staying true to Emerica throughout his career, rooming with Heath Kirchart and lots more.

As always The Bunt comes through - the story about a van full of kids rinsing Ed Templeton for whining about wanting gelato in particular is pretty funny.

You can listen to all previous episodes of The Bunt Live here.

After you're done listening - remind yourselves of a few of Leo's banging parts below.


RVCA Skate Promo - Leo Romero from RVCA on Vimeo.