The third of the Listen team to get the 'Last Orders' treatment is none other than New York Chez-alike, Brian Brown.

As usual, have read of his 'Last Orders' then scroll that little bit further for his section from Listens first release "Viajeros Locos"!

Number four due this time next week.

Backside Ollie. Photo: Listen


Drink you ordered: Coffee, to go.

Person you spoke to: Maria, my parking ticket collector at city hall... what a sweetheart!

Trick you filmed: I filmed Watermelon Alex switch 5-0 shuv on a ledge today.

Photo you shot: Just lost my digi cam but it was this random girl puking on the sidewalk.

Country you visited: Indonesia

Thing you skated in your hometown: Some kids flat bar at the school by my house.

Skate event you traveled to: 'Make a Wish' last year.

Trick you learnt: Front feebs on mini... still pretty weak though.

Trick you lost: Man, a lot of ledge tricks. We need seaport benches back!

Book you read: 'The Diamond Cutter'.

Time you were outraged: Waiting for Toya to try a trick for seven hours straight...Not really outraged just bewildered hungry and over it...But he made it! Yeah, dooks!

Piece of advice you received: 'Do or do not...there is no try.' Yoda

Album you bought: Bob Dylan 'Street Legal'

Song you sang along to: Devandra Banhart - 'Santa Maria De La Feina'

Film you watched and enjoyed: 'The Darjeeling Limited'

Film you watched and hated: The Big Bounce'

Skate video you watched from start to finish: 5boro 'NYNY'

Website visited:

Thing you downloaded: Jon Nyguen footage from Jlord... watch out!!!

Clip watched on YouTube: Rattray 'Waiting for the World' sick!!

Skateboarder who impressed you: Jose Pereyra

Time you said "never again": Drank too much... never a good look.

Item of importance that you lost: My wallet, and then I found it and realized I lost my digital camera...sweet!

Time you feared for your life: Got pulled out past the current in Indonesia, was out there for 40 minutes. Thought for sure I was shark bait or gonna be cast away, but then it just dumped me down the beach.

Brian Brown - Listen "Viajeros Locos" (2007) Skateboarding Videos >>