While the CEO of Ganj Wax takes time off of thinking up celebrity weed based puns to 'go and find himself' and put together music video masterpieces in South East Asia, Landscape Skateboards presents the Jed Coldwell Mixtape for those in need of a dose of camo-trousered, high popped tech. Jed's Stoke on Trent trained legs can take the dopest of technical manoeuvres (fakie varial flip fakie manny anyone?) to the crustiest of spots (99% of the terrain Manchester has to offer), so this compilation of footage from the last year or two has plenty of bangers in it - not the least of which is Sean Price (RIP) on the soundtrack, keeping shit Bucktown!

Alongside being basically the comedy genius of UK skateboarding, Jed is also quite prolific on a trick stick and apparently 2018 will see more than one project coming to fruition - alongside, we're sure, plenty more in the way of celebrity name weed puns...

Go peep more from Jed in our 2016 Sardinia 'Point of Interest' trip video and article, then go way back and enjoy his Haunts interview from Sidewalk issue 207, which starts with a statement from Joe Gavin that could replace this whole text quite easily - "Jethro Coldwell can do fakie flip switch front crooks quite easily…"

"As Jed takes a break on the other side of the world searching for waterfalls and unique shots for his next music video and researching wax strains, we decided to take a little look back at some of the stuff he's filmed over the last few years. Don't worry Jed's been working hard on various new projects releasing in 2018 this is just a reminder, just in case you forgot."

Filmed By Jim Craven, James Cruickshank and Joe Gavin.

Edited By Joe Gavin

Music - Sean Price