Pretty much the perfect mix of dudes, terrain and vibes in this heavy new Nike SB Southwest edit.

The combined force of Lance Mountain, Hjalte Halberg, Cyrus Bennett, Oskar Rozenberg, Hugo Boserup, Max Palmer and Ville Wester blasting through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to test out the new range of Nike SB Blazers. Fittingly designed by Lance Mountain himself, the By Lance Collection, (also including a range of apparel to complement to footwear) hits shops on July 10th.

Feels like there's something of a Polar-influence in this one too, what with the mix of camera formats and music, but that might just be the heavy Scandinavian contingent twisting my melon.

Regardless, this one is as varied as they come with a heavy dose of varied terrain getting sessioned by a global Nike SB crew.

Well worth a gander.

Hit up for more information on the By Lance collection.