Krooked in Minnesota

The Krooked Skateboards crew hit the streets of Minnesota during the filming for their recent full length LSD (Let's Skate Dude) in this warts and all raw clip featuring fireworks, post-slam raw meat hands and tour van comedy alongside some very good skateboarding. When Let's Skate Dude dropped with little fanfare last Autumn, it was immediately cemented in place as one of the videos of the year and it's been sick to see some of the behind the scenes clips from the missions undertaken during filming (this Minnesota edition follows on from a Barcelona episode).

Featuring Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig and Bobby Worrest, the streets of Minnesota prove to be a fruitful choice when it comes to spots as everything from smooth plazas to crusty, crack covered bank spots and ledge/wall layouts which offer some pretty unique trick opportunities. Cali and New York might be the glaringly obvious choices for visiting tourists travelling from these ends, but maybe next time your crew manages to save some flight money it might be time to crank up some Hüsker Dü and aim for the Great Lakes instead?

If you somehow missed Let's Skate Dude when it dropped last year then we can highly recommend catching up (as if the above clip hasn't got you hunting it down already). Following on from Krooked Chronicles, Gnar Gnar and Krooked 3D, LSD sees Mark Gonzales, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl, Sebo Walker, Ronnie Sandoval and Matt Gottwig offer up an all terrain smorgasbord of shred, in the process offering us a further insight into The Gonz's unique vision. Go give it a watch now to inject some stoke into your day, then read some words about it whilst I sink into a spiraling existential crisis over the relevance of writing skate video reviews about a video that's hosted on the same page as the text itself...