The fourth part of the Kill City 'Hobo Tour' blog sees Dainton, Lyners, Howells, Davies, Jess, Dog and co descend upon Central Skatepark for a session. Part 5 online tomorrow, but for now check out Lynskeys driveway destruction in photo form.

See the December mag and the thirty minute 'Hobo Code' tour video for more!

Snaps and captions by CJ.

Another sketchy night on the roadside down and it was off to Central for a demo. Dave took advantage of the break in the rain with a front board...

...and a 5-0 over the Jersey Channel in the carpark.

And the Kill City Demo, sorry, I mean the Joe Lynskey pisstake began about 4:00pm, with this nollie heel...

...4:05pm - frontside flip.

...4:07pm - backside nollie.

...4:09pm - backside flip.

...4:12pm - kickflip transfer.

Dog took full advantage of Lynners going to get a drink with a double backside flip over the hip.

Jess stepped up with a gap to front blunt.

Pulley took two minutes off from smashing the mini ramp to pieces with a gap to lip.

With plenty of tinnies inside him, Dog got all creative with a rock on the block.

You're supposed to be the responsible one!