Now you've all read the Kill City "Hobo Code" article and watched the accompanying thirty minute tour video, to further enhance your Hobo experience we've got a six part blog from Chris Johnson, featuring additional skate shots, behind the scenes antics and more. The first part can be found below, with the second days snaps online tomorrow...

Snaps and text by CJ.

First off and to avoid the rain that was setting in everywhere north of Wales, Nicky back noseblunts the well seasoned C'diff ledges.

More filmers than you can shake a stick at!! Daint, or Filmer No. 3, gets comfy while Dogg sets about a mind bender.

Skelly got stuck into filming a line for the upcoming DVD before we headed back towards Newport to set up camp for the night.

With enough booze to sink a battle ship consumed, Lynners got a bit over confident with the camp fire.

Dave pushed his luck with the flames long enough! Time for bed lads!

The morning after the night before.

Jess being Jess decided that the biggest rail in Newport would be a good spot to skate at 10:30 am.

It's the sound of the Police...well actually the annoying tones of the "ever ready to ruin things" local specials.

He won't listen lads, let's do one!

Check back tomorrow for part 2...