The Kill City crew returned from a productive little 4 day stint in Bilbao, Spain, with a ton of snapshots, so Porno Paul sent a selection over for us to stick up on the site. Nice one Porno!

Present were Nicky Howells, Caradog Emanuel, Dave Davies, Pete Rigby, Matt Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Chris Johnson on photo duties and Porno Paul.

Check out photos from the first two days below, with photos from the last two days online tomorrow.

Day One

First photo...speechless.

Luckily we found Pancho to cheer us up.

Nicky got gnarly on a swing.

Pritchard found Bilbaos red light district!

This picture pretty much sums up day 1.

At the end of the day we decided to check the weather...

Day Two

Guess what the weather was doing outside?

Yeah, thats right - more rain.

Slept in all day then went for a night stroll.

Pritchard got stuck into his darts...

...Whilst Nicky got stuck into his pints...

...and Caradog followed.