Let Andy Evans enhance your Tuesday afternoon as we bring you Finnish vert lunatic Jussi Korhonen's remixed section from the 2017 full length video 'Just in Time'.

As is always the way with Andy Evans productions, 'Just In Time' featured every type of skating imaginable, interspliced with Bob Sanderson and Darran Nolan lead skits that played off time travel and skateboarding's rich and always amusing history. Check this Chris Fissel sketch if you're unsure about what I mean. Andy's all inclusive perception of skateboarding ensured that each terrain base was firmly covered, with Liam 'Slam Man' Teague battering himself on (and into) the streets, Mike Wright dropping some Hebden Bridge mini ramp wizardry, and Jussi Korhonen holding things down for the vertically minded.

As Andy himself says of the section you are about to view:

"Invading the Headline section slot of the 'Just In Time' DVD, Finland's most vertical WOMD Jussi Korhonen is here to ruin things with his pads based skateboarding (both 'knee' and 'manual' pads). This is a documentation of his worldwide quest for vertical U-scoops, concrete oddities and ramps with the word 'mega' incorprated into their name.

Goldie has kindly remixed his section with a slight RDS back-beat to it and with samples of kittens mewing in three part harmony at a super low end bass range only perceivable to certain species of badger....it's subtle but effective.

He's one Radical Fin....go Jussi!"

With that in mind, hit the play button now!

Jussi Korhonen's section from 'Just In Time' by Andy Evans.