Remember seeing Bods 'Secrets and Lies' DVD that came out in 2004? No, me neither. That's probably due to the fact that there were only ever a handful of copies pressed, and it's more than likely that none of them left the North East.

After renewed interest thanks to Olly Todds section been posted on the Stereo site a couple of days ago, Bod has seen fit to stick up the entire video on his own Joybus website for the rest of the world to finally see! Click below to find yourself straight buzzing on full parts from a pre Stereo Olly Todd, a baby faced Adam Stoddart, the Callow twins, Kev Dawson and various friends.

This is seriously worth every second, so sack off staring into Facebook or whatever other menial task you had planned for after you'd finished looking at this page and appreciate the fact that the internet has brought a true North Eastern rarity to your digital doorstep.

Massive props to Bod for making this happen! Sit back, relax and enjoy...