Jon Allie on Free Lunch

One-time Zero pro, rail innovator and Wisconsin native Jon Allie sits down with Free Lunch to mark the return of Ride Channel's face to face interview series.

Jon Allie blew up out of nowhere (or so it seemed) in the early to mid 00's with insane rail-based parts from Zero and Circa footwear (see below for a reminder of those).

After a handful of truly death-defying sections it seemed as if Jon Allie had all but disappeared as quickly as he emerged, a path which is explained in this short interview.

Click through to find out about why he left California for Wisconsin, leaving Zero to ride for Slave, the upcoming Slave video, his Thrasher cover kickflip frontside tailsliding Clipper and more.

Good to know he's still out there ripping.

Jon Allie - Zero Skateboards 'New Blood' video part

Jon Allie - Circa Footwear 'It's Time' video part

Jon Allie - Slave Skateboards 'Radio Television' video part