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Above photo: Joel Peck

This one goes out to ninja fingers himself! With a seemingly constant stream of output both in front of and behind the lens, Joe Gavin has left a massive mark on the UK scene. Joe is possibly the most productive human in possibly the most productive skate scene in the UK and this list is the tip of a Mancunian iceberg, with even a basic hunt likely to offer up plenty more web clips and short sections that we didn't have room for here. On top of that, some of the sections here are part of videos edited by the man himself - we highly recommend that after watching his sections in 'Workers and Lurkers' and 'Snake Eyes Die', you hunt down those videos in full. In the meantime though, enjoy a top notch, steez drenched radness barrage courtesy of our Joe Gavin Footage Feast.

Switch 180 the bollard, dodge the businessman. Joe Gavin has the opening section in Stu Bentley's 2004 Manchester scene video 'Leisure', solidly handling pedestrian traffic, switch ledge tech and a wide array of Manchester spots. Urbis in particular gets a seeing too, a sign of things to come!

The Harmony's first release 'Once Upon a Time' saw an after credits Joe Gavin section, with an introspective indie/folk background juxtaposed with a high speed street assault. With plenty of Mancunian footage, the state of the city's less than perfect spots are highlighted by the bleached out or completely black and white footage.

Joe's production debut sees him at the helm for Note Skateshop's 'Workers and Lurkers', as well as having a full section of street rawness set to the Specials' classic 'Ghost Town'.

A summation of the pleasures that street skating has to offer - there can't be many varieties of architecture that Joe doesn't hit in this one with flowing street lines, lofty pop and a banging switch varial flip in a line at 0:38...

The Harmony's 'River's Edge' was only 15 minutes long, with Joe's section taking up a solid three and a half minutes of that. A deep bag of tricks, including a mastery of the switch pole jam that not many apart from him and Chewy Cannon possess on these shores, is very much in evidence.

The editorial combination of Joe Gavin and Sean Lomax was a fruitful one, kicking off with 2011's Mancuinan scene snapshot Pusherman. Gavin skates to Channel Live and KRS One, perfectly matching the dopest of street steezing visible on screen. The switch flip backside 5-0 at 3:15 is as G as you like...

Manchester Killa Bees in full effect as Joe Gavin is welcomed to the Landscape team, setting off something more deep than a misdemeanour with a GZA classic and backed up by a team montage mid-section.

2012 saw Note Skateshop and Joe Gavin release 'Snake Eyes Die', a video heavy on rugged northern street spots and East Coast hip hop. The whole video demands a watch, with Joe's Big L infused stylish street ripping being no exception.

A pro board collaboration with graffiti artist Krek saw Landscape recruiting Sean Lomax to put together a banging new edit filmed around the streets of Manchester.

2014 was a busy one with Joe dropping numerous sections; this one, edited by Jim Craven for Grey Magazine, and the next part are two of what was pretty much his year...

Mark Kendrick's incredible psychedelic scene video Shads is the most recent in a long line of scene videos coming out of Manchester, one of which wouldn't be complete without some trademark Joe Gavin quick-footed shredding...set to Al Barry and the Cimarons in this case for added dopeness! As was mentioned in the introduction there is plenty more Joe Gavin footage to be found out there and, given a year or two, we'll probably need to run part two...