While the ash clouds thrown up from wildfires blocked the sun in Portland, Jivaro Wheels went on a mission to hit various backyard bowls around the suburbs of South East Portland in 'Felony Flatspotters'.

I was there during some of the worst of the cloud and it was gnarly - trying to carve around Glenhaven's pool with eye's full of ash does not come recommended and I imagine these sessions were just as semi-blind as my ones. This clip will definitely have you looking for a patch of land to build on, the backyard DIY culture in Oregon is truly next level!

"When a dummy kid starts a nearby colossal wildfire during the prime days of summer, you still gotta gear up to get down with a squad.

Under an ashy and ominous September sky, Jivaro and friends roll the sanctuary backyards of our neighbors in Southeast Portland - where preservation and imagination are one.

If boredom or hardship threaten your daily sanity, try skateboading kids."