Those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss out on the live premieres of Jim Craven's Seven, the latest in a long line of incredible Manchester scene videos, are in luck this week as it hits the web courtesy of Jenkem. Creative skateboarding and spots ranging from the sublime to the crack-addled comes courtesy of Jim and a wide swathe of absolute rippers passing through or currently residing in Manchester.

The bulk of the video sees full sections from Joe O'Donnell, Tom Day, Joel Peck, Valentine Kuhl, James Gell, Neil Worthington, Ben Rowles and Tom Day, whilst a couple of stacked montages features the following people - Matthew Nevitt, Joe Gavin, Dan Cintra, Josh Cox, Kev Eley, Jed Coldwell and new alter ego, Rogie, Lewis Threadgold, Stephen Malet, Craig Questions, James Foster, Zach Riley, Dom Henry, Jason Caines, Ben Grove, Sam Bottenberg - and more.

Have a watch, and enjoy the other two killer scene productions to drop this week in the form of Alex Appleby's Please Shirley Anything But Burley and Myles Rushforth's Fresh Eggs and Coke.

Jim also has an interview over on Jenkem Mag, which you can reach by clicking on Valentine Kuhl's raw canal ollie below!

Jim Craven's Seven