For us, simply seeing the words 'Fred Gall' is generally enough to instigate a click: couple New Jersey's finest Buddhist monk saviour with a reference to huffing human fecal fumes and we were sold.

Cast your eyes across the video below for a little insight into what happens when Jenkem creates a Voltron between skateboarding's most-beloved self-confessed scumbag, an assorted cast of Levi's Skateboarding riders and a road trip through Georgia and Alabama.

With a stated aim to skate some classic Deep South crust and update a few existing DIY builds on the way, the crew went in just as hard on the crete as they did on the karaoke, and came up trumps with this amusing little edit.

A word of warning though - if Fred Gall is over your Air BnB antics and exclaiming, "I gotta get out of here" then it's most probably time to chill the fuck out and go to sleep.

In Jenkem's own words,

"Four days, unlimited beers, and one trashed Air BnB later, Jenkem is proud to present “Make The Call", a little video documenting skateboarding, spot building, and debauchery in the South with the Levi’s Skateboarding crew and our very own Fred Gall.

Featuring: Marius Syvanen, Dan Plunkett, Josh Matthews, Al Partanen, Pat Moran, Joey Pepper and the one and only Fred Gall."

Filmed by: Richard Quintero, Andrew Price & Alex Raspa

Cover photo by David Morico

"Make The Call" a Jenkem DIY Tour with Levi's from Jenkem Magazine on Vimeo.

If you fancy delving into the multi-faceted world of Jenkem Mag, you could do worse than hit the link in this sentence.

Now get to B & Q, pick up some concrete (and maybe a couple of bottles of shitty vodka if you're that way inclined) and go forth and beautify your local piece of wasteland.

You have nothing to lose but the top layer of skin on your hands.