Jasper Clough's Mersey Grit 2 sees Jasper's all terrain attack captured on both Hi-8 and VX cameras for North West based purveyors of radness and LBP affiliates Mersey Grit, offering a pleasingly lo-fi ode to smashing your trucks into things and riding up walls. A lack of music coupled with the grainy aesthetic adds a strangely 'Blair Witch Project' element to proceedings in an edit which kicks off with the simple pleasure of a curb session before moving on to such varied terrain as Playing Place, Bangor Bowl, backyard pools, awful looking rails and vertical walls. Anyone that can ollie into frontside wallrides on 90 degree walls is alright with us...

Peep round one of Jasper Clough's Mersey Grit for more of this kind of inspiration to skate the crustiest spots you can dig up and keep an eye out for more over the course of 2018 - maybe even that elusive Crocs sponsorship?

Hi-8 filming by Brittney Formosa, Billy Munden, Sam Humphris and Adam Salais.

VX footage and Bangor sounds by Yannick Hammer.

Sound construction by Jasper Golding.

Also, as we missed it due to its release over the Christmas holidays when we were busy looking at pints instead of the internet, continue your delving into a world of Mersey Grit with their 2017 Insta megamix below then mostly because this is basically a distillation of UK skateboarding!

Featuring a heavy line up including Jasper Clough, Lee Rozee, Rauiri Jones, Tom Bootle Juice, Frosty, Luke Fletcher, Baz Wong, Joe Mack comb Darkness, Will Kino, xMarshyx, Dave Mackey, Greg Herbert, Jake Mitchill, Craig william, Russ Weasel, Fred Lambert, Marc Glaysher, Charlie Birch, Chris Faquare, Darren Daggers and a few other random urchins.