This week's Jake's Crates focuses on a typically heroic Franklin Stephens session at the infamous SB7 that went down in 2002 during the filming of In Motion.

Franklin and his Ipswich cohorts first burst onto the scene in around 1995 off the back of the amazing Ipswich scene video 'Tough Guys', in which Frank had the last part where he, amongst other things, backside flipped the Liverpool St double set back when that was basically unthinkable.

We got a copy of Tough Guys via Frank himself and after watching it, immediately headed over to Ipswich to shoot with Frank, Ben Rodriguez, Carl Vance, Channon King and the rest of the crew.

These photos appeared in issue 3 of Sidewalk (Jan/Feb 1996) - two of which are posted below.

Franklin is responsible for some of the gnarliest street skating ever done in the UK - watch some of his 20+ year old Tough Guys footage, (reprised in Rollersnakes Videolog 6), below after you watch him battle with the SB cab flip and you'll see why.

Big up Ipswich.

frank stephens noseblunt

Thumbs up for a frontside noseblunt on some nighttime street furniture!

Photo: Horsley

frank stephens bs flip

"Crown pools stairs have seen some action and claimed a few decks. Backside flip before they claimed this one."

Photo: Wig