Whilst Ben and Hoss were over in San Diego at ASR, a small crew ventured out to the invite only Volcom "Rock it Like a Hurricane" mini ramp comp at the ISPO tradeshow in Munich. UK heads in attendance were Marc Churchill, Ben Nordberg, Carl Wilson, Andy Scott and Josh "Manhead" Young.

Footage should be appearing later on today, but for now entertain yourself with these random photos and the results from Mondays comp...

1. Ivan Rivado

2. Alain Goikoetxea

3. Andy Scott

4. Anders Tellen

5. Guillaume Mocquin

6. Micky Iglesias

7. Ferit Bartir

8. Roman Astleiner

9. Julien Benoliel

10. David Gravette

GQ awards?

Manhead introduces Germany to the "big guns" of Tingley.

Nordberg demonstrates his latest comp winning tactic.

Andy wonders what's making Manheads face warp.

Confused about what's going on? Not as much as Nordberg.

Churchill's right shoe.

Churchill's left shoe.

Manhead take some advice from ice.

The IOU "Mega Mini Ramp".

More ramp.

Top 3...

Scotty was more than joyous about taking home his first ever cymbal.

Unbomber past and present...

Check back later for the footage...