After Isle Skateboards' visit to Palestine with SkatePAL last year, the charity group presents the Isle X SkatePAL Nick Jensen interview conducted by Theo Krish. Isle's 'Pieces of Palestine' video blurs the lines between skate video and documentary, showing Casper Brooker, Jensen, Sylvain Tognelli, Tom Knox, Chris Jones and more skating in between various interviews and scenes which capture the feel of day to day life in the cities and towns of the West Bank.

Starting off with how the trip to Palestine came about, the interview then moves on to the history of Isle and how it came about following the demise of Blueprint, Nick's art direction for the board company, how he sees the elements of art and skateboarding as intertwined and more. This one is well worth a read so hit the image or the text below and get stuck in!


"In a way I think Pieces of Palestine challenges the idea of what a skate video actually is. It's really different - it sits in a space halfway between journalism and a skate video. It doesn't lead up to a heroic moment with a 'well done they saved Palestine' or an amazing tre flip down twenty stairs. It's just an intimate portrait of some lads going around Palestine. It's not that straight forward, you don’t go from A to B and get to understand the role of the piece.

I think it's going to cause people confusion on both sides; the skate side and the non-skate side because they won’t necessarily understand what the value of the piece is or what it's designed to achieve. I think that's the whole point of Jake's film, but it will definitely cause a lot of confusion I think."