Shiners very own Jerome Loughran has sent us over a collection of photos from last weeks Independent UK tour, which saw the likes of Alex and Steve Olson, Jeff Grosso, Peter Hewitt, Chris Haslam, Stu Graham, Darren Navarette and a few UK riders trecking around various parts of the UK.

Check out Jeromes snaps below...

Everybody loves Stu!

Crowds awaiting the Saffron demo.

Tez took a break from constructing the bowl and fullpipe at Blackpool, instead reclaiming his familiar position of bus driver for the trip.

Rolling 4-5-6's with Haslam and Alex.

T'Custard Factory, Brumside Massive!

The Ideal mini ramp gets another seeing to - click here to check the footage!

Scottish breakfast catch up time, issit.

Fish it!

Haslam just couldn't put the latest Andy McNab thriller down.

Potter and Tez, with some leaves and sun. What a nice picture!

Footage from the Newport demo coming soon!