The Imperial Skateboards Promo

80's club bangers, crusty beyond crusty 'street' spots, football kits, switch power and Playing Place NBD's? Yep - it's the long-awaited promo video from Cornwall's own Imperial Skateboards.

Featuring Leo Smith, Jody Smith and Stuart Titmus, this is a very entertaining 5 minutes of Kernow skateboarding featuring Cornish stalwarts hammering it on spots that realistically, the vast majority of us wouldn't go near.

Cornwall doesn't change much architecturally, which is a beautiful thing, but it must definitely make it harder to keep progressing on the streets so huge respect and props to the three Musketeers for stepping it up as always. This one also includes the now traditional Leo Sharp victory scream BGP.

Peep The Imperial Skateboards Promo ad then go have a look at their Facebook page for more.