Hungary Games - A Rogue Trip to Budapest

A recent spate of bad weather saw the Rogue ladies Georgie Winter and Jenna Selby make the decision to head on over to the warmer and sunnier climate of Budapest. Team mate Dóra Horváth recently moved back out that way to start a degree in Tourism and Catering and it seemed like a good excuse for a trip/filming mission and general catch up. Hot off her South Africa Maloof appearance, Julia Brueckler also made the drive down from Vienna to join the ladies for part of their stay.

The first day warm up was at a DIY park built by the local Rios Crew situated on the banks of the Danube - complete with it’s very own adjoining work out area full of muscle-bound men, who spent most of their their time swaggering around the edges of the park, doing the odd press up, comparing biceps etc but didn’t seem to own a shirt between them. Not to be deterred by the random state of affairs Julia started with a flip back tail and Dóra a crook on the block. Once the majority of the obstacles had been conquered (mainly by those 2!) everyone moved on to a street spot around the corner. Dóra mentioned that she’d passed it a few times and wanted to get a flip over the wall/gap to flat - which after a few goes she did. True to form Jenna messed up the shot of the first one she landed and her “just one more" (for the camera) kicked off it’s campaign. The good thing about Budapest is that you don’t seem to get chucked off street spots even in busy work time - as long as you're not bothering anyone they don’t tend to bother you. So with that in mind they had more than enough time to capture Dóra landing another one (apparently that excuse didn’t placate her though).

The next spot was the Gorzenal park in Obuda (or Vodaphone park as it’s called by everyone else) on the other side of Budapest. The park itself is a wooden structure found in the middle of a kids adventure area. Although well built, the weather has taken its toll a bit on the top surface and any slam resulted in a minimum of 100 splinters - a pretty good deterrent not to fall over! Dóra psyched herself up to boardslide the handrail down a long 8 set, spurred on by the camera pointing in her face! Georgie contented herself to flipping the hip whilst Julia decided not only did she want to flip the steps - which she did on the fifth go - but also to 5-0 the big hubba running down the side of them…again which she did on about the 3rd or 4th attempt. To say this woman is a machine is an understatement, her flips, well every trick she does is supper clean and styley.

The following day the ladies were supposed to hit up a block street spot first thing - although they didn’t realise a huge flea market was taking place that day. Initial plans foiled they were instead taken to a secret spot by Dóra’s friend Szaky, found on the side of a canal and consisting of banks built almost like a squared-out bowl (for no apparent reason but hey no complaints - it was the spot of the trip!). Georgie landed some nice backside flips and Jenna a couple of front rocks whilst Dóra guarded the canal edge for boards going awol. An amazing morning was spent there just attempting the most random tricks. It was later followed by another street spot, a 3-tier marble block in the middle of the street…again random but awesome! Dóra was in her element and it was quite obvious this was one of her favourite places to skate (also situated next to the Danube). Her lines included a tre flip and big spin on flat, crook on the block. She pretty much got enough footage to fill 2 sections!

The following day they hit up the same spot again so Georgie could film a line ending with a 5nose grind on the block. The skating carried on with Dóra ollying an 8 set next to a church but by mid afternoon legs were shattered so all that was left to do was join the other brits and do a bit of sight seeing!

The team is in the process of filming 'Days Like These' a follow up to their first all female film, 2009’s 'As If, And What?' Keep an eye out for the release next summer.

Words and pics: Jenna Selby


Dóra crookie monster


Bowl radness.


Gravity kicks in.


Georgie front crooks.


Julia hubba 5-0.


Julia kickflipping an amount!


Dóra boardslide.


Julia front smithing.


Dóra mid flight.


Seeking the spot.


Georgie skating one of the most desirable spots.


Georgie hitting the hip!


Georgie lifestyle hammers.


Jenna front rock.


Cop a load of that!




Banging architecture.


More of the cities beauty.


More marvellous architecture.


And that's a wrap!