More from Hull Metal Jacket hits the web today, with Paul Regan's part followed by the curtain closing section from Daniel Woodward leaving only the closing montage and Paul's bonus part for next week to bring the video to a finish.

First up, Paul Regan takes his massive pop for a jaunt around the street spots and skate parks of the north to the strains of Echo and the Bunnymen's cover of The Doors' classic 'People are Strange'. A massive bag of tricks and an ability to float them over a small statured horse (or a particularly tall Shetland Pony, or even a shire horse with dwarfism) must be nice and is undoubtedly part of the reason he managed to put together a full four minute section and still come through with over three minutes of extra footage for a bonus section.

Paul's part is followed by a belter of an end section from Daniel Woodward, who takes a leaf from the book of Hull OG Scott Palmer by making sure that everything he films is done at mach ten - whether that be handrail chomping across the North of England, blitzing through Hull schoolyard lines, fakie ollieing Playhouse steps in Leeds or switch hardflipping his way through properly 'council bodge job' skatelite parks.

This is a solid finish to a genuine scene orientated labour of love, featuring everyone from OG Hull rippers to the younger generation and everyone in between. Skatepark footage, hidden street spots and basically everything you want from a grass roots production, go watch the other parts from Hull Metal Jacket which we've so far put up on the site and then keep your eyes peeled for the final drop next week!

While you're at it, remind yourselves of Hull's aim to become a UK skateboarding mecca in the wake of its place as UK City of Culture 2017.