HUF X Chocolate present the 'Forever' campaign, celebrating the life of Keenan Milton via a collaborative collection. The hype clip sees plenty of archived clips of Keenan dopeness overlaid with a voiceover from Keith discussing his time skating with Keenan and the ideas behind the collab, so have a watch and check the press release for more details. Keenan forever!

Keith Hufnagel and Keenan Milton first met in New York City in the 1990s, forming a close friendship through skateboarding.

Traveling the globe together through numerous skate trips, Keith and Keenan’s inseparable camaraderie and contagious energy while exploring the streets helped inspire a network of friendships along the way.

Since Keenan’s untimely passing in 2001, his spirit has lived on through the many lives he touched and the friendships he formed.

This Fall 2016, HUF and Chocolate Skateboards join together for the “Forever" campaign, celebrating life and the spirit of discovery with friends and family through a HUF x Chocolate capsule collection.

To all friends past, present, and future, “Forever" is a testament to skateboarding and the community it inspires.