Photos, words and edit by Jerome Loughran

Part of the UK HUF team recently set out to spend the day in Barnstaple Devon with the lovely guys that run Beatsworkin Coffee and Skateshop, with Caradog Emanuel, Carl Wilson, Jed Cullen, Robert Woodward and Chav Dan jumping in for the journey.

In typical fashion the car was filled with bodies, but the day that unfolded was anything but smooth. It all started with Caradog over doing the poached eggs, followed by a parking ticket, speeding ticket, then memory card failures and Rooney getting stuck on a train for 7 hours to top it off. This pretty much explains why there isn’t the total shredding that went down from the boys and the good people of Devon.on the video - trust me, you had to be there.

Big thanks to Glenn / Tom and all at Beatsworkin for hooking up a rad day, if you get a chance go drink some of the best coffee in the UK there because these boys know their stuff!

Chav Dan ciggie HUF X Beatsworking
Caradog board set up HUF X Beatsworking
Carl Wilson portrait HUF X Beatsworking
Carl Wilson Nosebonk HUF X Beatsworking
Caradog no comply HUF X Beatsworking
Carl and Dog HUF X Beatsworking
Jed Cullen HUF X Beatsworking
Rooney HUF X Beatsworking