With a torrential rain storm unleashing itself upon London the moment we stepped off the train, Nick Roberts allowed enough time for his sodden shoes to dry off before engaging his knee support and kick starting the session. He teetered on the edge of this whippy tranny much to the delight of my camera lens.


The man who built the park can also skate the park, really well! Marc Churchill rattled off a plethora of tricks in the street room before crailing this sweeper under tight conditions.


Daryl Dominguez rocked up mid afternoon and proceeded to unravel all manner of tech mind benders on the central part of this section before squeezing in this transfer from small to big.


Derby Daz filming Nick Roberts.


Someone’s gone and built a great big Vans side stripe shaped bank haven’t they? Nick Roberts tests it out with a speedy bluntslide to fakie. To see the footage of this and Daryl’s transfer check out the Sidewalk instagram.


Role reversal. Derby Daz playing with fire whilst Nick Roberts works on his Instagram feed.


Denis Lynn gets his legs ready for a week in Portugal with The National boys. A floater in the deep end is all it takes.


Marc Churchill’s guest for the day was long time handler of business Mr. Jed Cullen. As ever, Jed doesn’t disappoint! Pedo Bash on the aforementioned whippy one.


Despite ongoing train delays brought on by the downpours, Joe O Donnell travelled down from Manchester to find new lines within the dry haven.


You can count on Rob Smith to go so big that you need to stand on a stepladder to shoot it. What a beast and first go!


Nick Roberts closed the whippy quarter session down with a kickflip backside pivot which is almost unfathomable on such a tight tranny.


Jed Cullen exploited the route from the street room to bowl.


The best way to end anything is always with a Rob Smith photo. This method bash was completely insane! Thanks to the House of Vans and especially Nic Powely for bringing this group together and organizing such a rad session.